Aged Care

We believe this therapy will be the future for managing incontinence in an Aged Care environment. This treatment can improve quality of life of the residents; and the staff charged with caring for them.

Technology provides a solution to more effective continence management

  • supported by science
  • non-invasive
  • independent of patient compliance
  • on-site, office based treatment
  • affordable
  • highly effective
  • cure or improve most resident’s incontinence - both urinary and faecal
  • improve resident and staff quality of life
  • drastically reduce your facility’s overheads
  • save resident’s expense on products
  • improve staff retention
  • will not cause environmental impact

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This therapy is a new curative approach, not a recycled management protocol. Sure there are many incontinence product suppliers promoting incontinence pads, disposable briefs and all sorts of incontince underwear but these products only add to extra expense and extra pollution. Wouldn't we have a better world with less incontinence supplies? And surely our elderly loved ones would have a better quality of life if they were cured rather than just managed with incontinence supplies. Our elderly deserve better and Wave Brilliance therapy might just be a catalyst to give it to them.

Incontinence can be cured or managed more effectively.
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