Bed Wetting

bed wetting

Much has been said over many years as to the actual causes of bedwetting. We don’t propose to debate the issues here, just suggest a solution.

And this could be your simplest solution if your child wets the bed:

We recommend discussing the issue with one of the doctors regarding treatment on the Wave Brilliance chair for children over 5 years of age.

Wave Brilliance cannot draw on a great deal of scientific evidence but there is 1 study published in 2007 by the Department of Urology, Korea University Hospital which suggests “ExMI might have an acute inhibitory effect in these children with refractory MNE by increasing functional bladder capacity”.

We can however, rely on very pleasing anecdotal evidence from  doctors in Australia who are providing this treatment for children. One such doctor specialized in ExMI treatment for children with bladder problems, some as young 5. Her reports have been glowing, not only because of the very high success rates in curing bedwetting, but also because of the marked improvement in many children’s behavioural characteristics as a result of their bedwetting cure.

Here’s a heart warming story on bedwetting

Renee came to Wave Brilliance as a 15 year old. She was still wearing incontinent pants to bed every night and pads by day, and had never been on a sleepover or attended any school camps. Needless to say she was introverted, and reluctant to talk to us. Her mother provided all the clinical information we needed.

For tens years she and her mum joined the medical merry-go-round. They attended various GP’s who claimed to specialize in "nocturnal enuresis"  (medical term for bedwetting), Gynaecologists, Urologists, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths even Herbalists. Her mother also contacted the Continence Foundation. No one was able to help her daughter.

Admittedly, we were in unchartered waters but felt confident that the science was sound. After all, there were plenty of adult studies to suggest the treatment would work on a developing pelvic floor.

We agreed on an initial treatment course of sixteen ExMI treatments – twice a week for eight weeks.

Success! Following treatment 9 she experienced the first night in her life where she did not loose urine while asleep. Additionally, she now felt confident enough to start to participate in school sport, for the first time in her life!

We continued with the treatment through to sixteen without another incontinence episode, despite her continuing to wear incontinence pads as a safety measure.

Much to her and her mother’s delight, she was now completely dry. But that was not enough for this young girl. She wanted more treatments, “just in case”. We agreed on 4 more treatments.

The change in her was remarkable. Her self esteem soared; her school grades improved dramatically and 5 years on she has not had another incontinent episode. Both she and her parents remain eternally grateful.

The clinical study in Korea is only the beginning. We look forward to the day when this therapy will be considered as the “first line treatment” for our kids who wet the bed. We will contunue to encourage the doctors to conduct the necessary studies.