Bladder Training

The aim of bladder retraining is to restore your bladder capacity to a more normal and convenient pattern of passing urine, three to four hourly during the day, and only once during the night, or better still not at all during the night.

Bladder retraining will help people with frequency, urgency and/or stress incontinence.

Training proceedure

Hanging on when you have the urge to pass urine. Try to suppress the urge as soon as it is felt, by standing or sitting still, rather than immediately running to the toilet. Some people find that doing pelvic floor exercises helps to suppress the urge and reduce the likelihood of leakage.

Gradually extend the interval between the first sensation or urgency and visiting the toilet by “hanging on”, first for two (2) minutes, then five (5), then ten (10), then half an hour and so on…., until you are only passing urine three (3) or four (4) hourly.

Drink eight (8) to ten (10) glasses/cups of fluid each day. (Preferably water)

Limit tea/coffee, alcohol or coke (limit  caffeine intake).

Don’t drink large quantities of fluid after evening meal.

Empty bladder well before bed time.

Bladder retraining takes time and persistence and is well worth the effort.